Trade Section

If you are interested in any of our products, we would love to talk to you. Whether it is a one-off project or adding our products to your existing range we are always interested in seeing how we can help you to suceed with our products.

Developers and Property Owners

Using Superwall as your construction system can significantly reduce the construction time of your project. Faster build means less holding costs and faster return on investment. 

Hydrowall Water Walls can also help you to meet your environmental requirements such as NatHERS and other initiatives.

Architects and Designers

Superwall and Hydrowall are innovative products that can set your design apart from the rest. We aim to make our system compatible with traditional construction systems and modules. Our products can be used on their own, or can be used in conjunction with other systems.

We have a full-time architect in-house ready to assist you in incorporating our products into your design and provide you with any designing info you need.


Superwall is a steel framing system that is very easy to install by anyone with basic construction skills. Using Superwall can help to speed up your construction time and reduce your dependence on skilled trades like bricklayers and carpenters.


Superwall and Hydrowall are easy to install and require minimal tools to assemble. Parts are supplied ready to join so there is no cutting or waste. We are always keen to find honest and reliable contractors to install our products.

You may also be interested in being a reseller and qualify for wholesale pricing. Resellers can attract their own customers, provide consultations and quotes and set pricing for supply only, or install projects.

Resellers, Retailers and Affiliates

Adding our products to your range can be a great income stream for your business. Please contact us to see how we can help you to succeed with our products. 

We are interested in all outlets including Bricks and Mortar stores, Installers, internet stores and affiliate sales. We can supply stock to you for resale, or we can drop- ship directly to your customers. We can also pay commission on referrals for customers that you send us.