Superwall Structural Steel Framing Systems

Superwall structural steel framing systems can be easily assembled by anyone with basic skills. It is provided in a wide range of standard components and can also be integrated with traditional building materials like steel or timber.

Superwall can also be used to create the Hydrowall Water Wall System to store water inside the modular wall systems of your home. 


  • Fast and Simple Construction System - One module can be assembled by one person in around 20 minutes. A 2 car garage can easily completed in one day by one person. No specialised trades are required to join the system, except for final plumbing connections if the water is to be plumbed into the house.
  • Codemark Approved - Superwall and Hydrowall are approved by CodeMark for residential construction (Volume 2 of the BCA).
  • Economical - Hydrowall combines a modular wall system with water storage, so there is no need to pay for wall materials and a separate water tank. There are also significant cost benefits due to the fast construction time. Please see the cost benefits section for details.
  • Load Bearing Framing System - Superwall is certified to be suitable for single-storey load-bearing applications, and may also be used in other situations. The simple kit form steel framing systems allows DIYers and unskilled labourers to erect a structural steel frame that is sure to be strong and correctly assembled. It can also be used as infill panels between a structural steel frame if additional structural support is required.
  • No Cuts, No Waste - The kit form components are pre-fabricated and ready to assemble on site. Superwall easily lock together, so there is no cutting or wastage on site.
  • Suitable for DIY projects - Superwall comes prefabricated and is easily installed by DIYers with basic skills.
  • Versatile to suit your design - The system consists of a structural steel frame that most cladding systems can be attached to. Superwall can be coated in any material to match your design. Superwall is available in a range of standard sizes and can also customized if required. Doors and windows can also be incorporated into the system.
  • Reusable and Recyclable- Hydrowalls can be disassembled and reused if you ever need to relocate. The materials can also be recycled.

Superwall Applications

  • Load-bearing walls
  • Rapid structural stee framing system
  • Infill panels between a structural frame
  • Can be used instead of timber or steel stud frame systems.
  • Internal walls
  • Fencing and screen walls
  • Restricted or difficult to access sites (such as remote and backyard constructions)
  • DIY projects
  • Kit buildings

Superwall is also the structural steel framing system for Hydrowall water storage modules. Store water inside the walls of your home!


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