Hydrowall Modular Rainwater Tanks in Sydney

Use Rainwater Tanks to Build your Sydney Home

The Hydrowall is a modular rainwater tanks system that allows you to build the home of the future. Now your load-bearing walls can harvest rainwater for you, so you can use it to water your garden, flush your toilet, and even wash your clothes with it. You can install a rainwater filter that removes dust and other pollution so you can keep your rainwater tank clean and safe.

Collecting rainwater within your home’s walls sounds too expensive for you? It actually isn’t. The Hydrowall modular system costs just about the same amount as building a brick wall home would and it can even save you money because you don’t have to invest in extra rainwater tanks. You will also save money on time by using fewer mains water. As water prices become more expensive and Sydney water restrictions become more common, a water tank house will actually start to save you money. Try our rainwater calculator to see how much water you use in your home and how many rainwater tanks you need to reduce your mains water usage.

Installing a rainwater tank in Sydney has other benefits too. Hard surfaces turn into rivers when it rains and can wash pollution and rubbish into waterways. By adding a Hydrowall system you can collect the rainwater from your roof and either store it to use later, or release it slowly and reduce the amount of storm water that is washed into drains and then into the rivers and oceans.