Hydrowall modular wall systems will support your roof and store water!

Hydrowall is a patented system to build structural walls using modular water tanks.

Hydrowall is made from individual modules that connect to form a load-bearing wall. A wall can be a free standing structure like a fence, or it can be a structural wall that can support a roof load. It can also be put up alongside existing walls and be just a regular slimline water tank and clad to match the rest of your house or proposed design.

A wall can be just one module or hundreds of modules. Modules can connect to each other in straight lines, or can be joined at corners and T- junctions as required.

Hydrowall modular walls can also have openings for windows and doors. Modules are connected by piping so the water can flow between them. As long as a pipe can be connected then the modules can have openings, or even connect to other wall sections further away. 

Hydrowall is constructed from the same components as the Superwall and has heavy duty flexible bladders for storing the water. The structure can then be covered in whatever cladding materials you choose. This makes the Hydowall modular wall systems extremely versatile for matching into your design. Some options for cladding materials are Colorbond metal sheet, composite panels, CFC or plasterboard sheets, weatherboard, or almost any cladding system you choose. We can supply some cladding systems, or you can supply your own.

Hydrowall can incorporate services like power and plumbing services. The vertical posts provide space to run services.

Hydrowall modular wall systems are available in a range of heights and lengths.
Heights of 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2,7m and 3m 
Lengths of 1200mm and 600mm (1210 centres to fit standard 1200 wide boards)
Width of 280mm (300mm with 10mm cladding each side)


Hydrowall Module Volumes

Refer to the table below for the approximate module volumes. As the modules get wider, it can store significantly more water without increasing the cost too much. Going from a 300mm wide module to a 600mm wide module will double your storage, but only add about 15% to the cost.

  Width (mm)
Height (m) 300 450 600 900
1.8 405 608 810 1215
2.1 473 709 945 1418
2.4 540 810 1080 1620
2.7 608 911 1215 1823
3.0 675 1013 1350 2025


Please see the HYDROWALL DESIGN GUIDE for more technical drawings and more information.


Hydrowall Assembly Diagram


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