Cladding Systems

The Hydrowall system does not specifically include cladding systems. It allows you to match the Hydrowall in with the rest of your design. There are a number of cladding options available but here is a brief summary of some.

CSR Cemintel

CSR offers a range of cladding options that are compatible with the Hydrowall System. Their range includes the standard range of compressed fibre cement and plasterboard up to the Cemintel range of prefinished boards that replicate the look of formed concrete, stacked stone, weatherboard and smooth options. 

Hydrowall can supply the full range of CSR cladding for your project. Please select your preferred cladding system when you are ordering.

For more details on the CSR range please visit their website:
CSR series Image coutesy of CSR. Home pictured is to demonstare CSR cladding systems and does not contain Hydrowall modules

Metal Cladding

An easy and economical way to clad the Hydrowall is with profiled metal cladding. Metal cladding is easy to install because it can span the 1200mm fixing spacing of the full Hydrowall Module. Metal cladding is available in a range of profiles and colours.

Hydrowall can supply a full range of metal cladding for your project. 
hydrowall metal cladding

Other Cladding Systems Options

Most cladding systems are suitable for Hydrowall. You can also choose to use a combination of cladding like plasterboard inside and Cemintel outside. We can supply most types of cladding through the CSR and metal cladding range, or you can provide the cladding materials yourself. Many standard cladding boards are available from your local hardware store.

Some possible options:
  • Weatherboard (timber or manufactured)
  • Stone cladding on CFC sheet
  • Sandwich panels- great for increasing insulation
  • Timber/ Plywood boards
  • Polycarbonate or 'Danpalon' sheets for tranparency

The fixing spacing determines the cladding system. Standard Hydrowall spacing is 1210mm. If your cladding system has a minimum adjusting spacing less than this then you can select a half module (600mm), or you can add additional battens to the Hydrowall frame. Please refer to the design drawings for cladding details.
Hydrowall Internal Lining
MgO Board lining to inside of Hydrowall
Travertine Ashler tiles and Western red cedar on Hydrowall