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Hydrowall is approved for residential use under the Codemark scheme. Codemark is an Australian certification that certifies that products conform with the Building codes of Australia and New Zealand. Codemark certification provides certainty to designers, builders, owners and regulatory authorities that products meet all the required standards. You can read more about Codemark here.

Hydrowall Codemark Certification

Food Grade

The material used in the food grade liners has been tested and certified to meet AS/ NZS 4020 and is suitable for use for potable (drinking) water.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the TPU material used in Hydrowall Potable Grade Tanks is suitable for potable water.

Please contact us for a copy of the test report if required.


Hydrowall™ and Superhead™  are patented inventions and may not be copied or reproduced any way without the express approval of Superwall Systems.

Australian Patent  AU 2005244607 B2
US Patent US 7,603,823 B2


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