About Us

While most of us would prefer to choose an environmentally responsible option often, the cost or inconvenience involved can make the green option hard to justify.

Superwall Systems believes that it is possible to make environmental products that are as good or better than existing ‘non- green’ options and thereby making it a simple decision for people to choose our products. For environmental products to be acceptable to mainstream markets they must be competitive with the ‘normal’ way of doing things.

Furthermore, we try to make products that can improve our customer’s lifestyle. Harvesting rainwater can help you to sustain a healthy garden despite water restrictions, top up a swimming pool, flush toilets, or simply drink pure rainwater instead of treated tap water. Rainwater tanks will also save money over time, and this benefit is likely to become more significant as the cost of water goes higher and higher.

Superwall Systems is a 100% Australian Owned Company. The Company was started in 2002 as a side project for two Western Australian architects and inventors and is now a full-time company with resources around Australia and China.