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Superwall Modular Framing Systems - Structural Steel Framing

It's like 'Mechano' for buildings

Superwall structural steel framing systems are so easy to build that novices can assemble a house, garage, fence or granny flat in a matter of hours without any heavy machinery, and no cutting or waste. Superwall is 'Mechano' on a big scale and consists of a range of standard steel framing components that can be quickly and easily connected to build structural (or non-structural) walls.

Superwall steel frame structures are fast and easy solutions for many common applications:

  • Homes
  • Granny Flats
  • Sheds
  • Fences
  • Extensions
  • Difficult Access Sites
  • DIY projects
  • Internal and External Walls

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Hydrowall Modular Wall Systems - Water Storage Walls

Build your next project with water tanks & rainwater tanks!

Hydrowall uses the Superwall to create a modular walls that can store water and is strong enough to support a roof! 

Hydrowall modular wall systems can be quickly assembled and filled to make a structural steel water wall. They can be used instead of bricks and traditional building materials to build walls and fences. At just 300mm thick and available in a range of heights, they are not much thicker than a standard double brick wall. Instead of installing bulky and ugly tanks next to your home, now you can build your home out of attractive and practical slimline water tanks.

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Some Benefits of using Hydrowall:

  • Codemark approved - Approved for residential construction under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), so no problem getting councils and building supervisors to approved it.

  • Simple and fast to install - A  typical garage can be assembled in about half a day!

  • Economical - About the same cost as brick, but you don't need to pay extra for a water tank.

  • Loadbearing - Will support a roof.

  • Slimline - At 300mm it is not much thicker than double brick.

  • Choice of Cladding - Cover it in whatever you want to match the rest of your home. Colorbond, weatherboard, or almost any other cladding system.

  • Environmental design - Heat or cool the water to provide passive temperature control.

  • DIY friendly - Forget about trying to find a bricklayer when you can DIY.

  • No mess - Kit components are ready to assemble so there is no waste.

  • Flat pack - Comes in a kit form so it can be transported economically anywhere in Australia.

  • Australian  designed and owned.

  • Unique, patented design - We invented it so you won't find it anywhere else.

  • We supply our products in kits form and can be easily sent all over to Australia with free delivery to Perth, SydneyMelbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Regional areas may incur some additional charges.

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If you want to find out how to make a water tank house or would like water tanks prices, then please take a look at our Hydrowall design guides and rainwater calculator.

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